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Why are Single Males not allowed in some Clubs and Parties?

Because some men in the past have spoilt it for you by:

  • failing to treat the ladies and their husbands with respect.
  • being too pushy at clubs and parties
  • failing to attend parties when they have said they will be there
  • not following the etiquette of swinging and swingers clubs and parties

Modern swinging started out as couples meeting other couples for fun.

Some ladies liked having a few extra guys, so the scene widened and some clubs and parties allowed men to join the couples.

Lots of couples still want to meet other couples without the pressure of single guys wanting to join them. Sadly, many single men in the past have seen swinging as a way to get a free lay that they have spoilt it for many others.

Swinging is not about easy women being available to any and all men. It is about fantasy fulfillment for both members of a couple. If a husband likes seeing his wife with other guys, and she likes it as well, they will find single guys they like the look of, and she will play with them. If a single male asks to play withh them, then either ignores the husband or treats the lady badly, they will not get asked again, and the couple will warn their friends not to play with him.

If you are fortunate enough to be allowed to attend a club or party as a single guy, do not push yourself on couples or ladies. Follow the club guidelines on how to behave, or you could quickly find yourself excluded and get yourself a bad name in other swinging clubs and parties.

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