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What is Swinging?

Swinging, which is also known as the lifestyle, sharing, partner or wife swapping, is a term used to describe consenting adults (18+) enjoying the experience of having sexual relationships with multiple partners.

Research by anthropologists has found that couples who swing:

  • have a more stable relationship
  • talk to each other more
  • have a "very good" sex life at home
  • are happier than the general population
  • have less STI (sexually transmitted infections) than the general population
  • have less cases of stress than the general population.

Swinging is one of the oldest forms of group entertainment, having been practiced by man from the beginning of time, even in times of strict religious persecution, swingers managed to have fun.

Since the advent of the internet swinging has become a more widely practiced lifestyle due to the ease of identifying and contacting people who want to live out the same fantasies.

Websites such as swingers in spain offer detailed information about the likes and dislikes of potential play-mates, and offer a quick and secure method of contacting each other.

Swinging is openly practiced in most countries, except where political or religious circumstances make it too dangerous. Even in these countries many people find a way to make contact and enjoy their lives.

Spain has a large and rapidly growing swinging scene with tens of thousands of active participants. Around the country there are almost 200 swingers clubs and dozens of private parties catering for both native Spanish and the huge ex-pat communities.

This website has details of over 5000 swinging couples in Spain and hundreds more of single ladies and men.

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