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Will you introduce me to someone?

The simple answer to this is No.

We do not run a personal introduction service for people.

Our database of people covers the whole of Spain. We know perhaps 200 couples, 15 single Ladies and a cuple of dozen single guys, mostly based in the Valencia - Alicante - Murcia - Albacete area.

We are not in a position to decide who from the people we know would best meet your requirements.

The best way to meet new people is to:

  • Join the site
  • Create a descriptive and interesting profile
  • Add some photos (not just cock shots, body shots and face pictures work better. See below**)
  • Browse the profiles of people in the areas you can travel to.
  • Read the profiles and see if you match what people are looking for.
  • Write a letter introducing yourself and asking if the people would be interested in meeting you.
  • Sit back and wait for the replies.
  • Reply to people who write to you, you will be dissapointed if people you write to fail to respond.
  • Be polite when turning people down - "Thanks, but no thanks" is better than "You must be joking" 
  • Respond only to profiles that cover the area you can travel to.
  • Modify your profile if you ar getting the wrong kind of resonses
  • Send emails chasing if a person does not respond - some people are to rude to respond.
  • Get abusive if you are turned down. Though you may fancy the person, they may not fancy you. Swinging is driven by fantasy fulfillment, if you do not fit the other persons fantasy, they will not want to meet you.

** Photographs.

We have a major problem with photographs.

  • Men love to see genitals, so fill their profiles with pictures of their cocks from many different angles in the belief that women will want to see their pride and joy
  • Women look for pictures of butts, physique, eyes - the whole person. They do like to see your genitals, but only if they can see the rest of you at the same time.

We have a rule that to have a cock shot on your profile you must also have a body shot as well, covering a minimum or from your neck to your knees.

We have found that profiles with photos of peoples faces get between 5 and 10 times as many responses, but profiles which have lots of cock shots get between 5 and 10 times fewer responses than no photo!

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